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Vertical Annealing Furnace Plant

Vertical Annealing Furnace Plant

The machine systems of the vertical annealing furnace plant for thin strips are designed for continuous operation.

When strips are changed, the strip in the procedural compartment being handled is driven at undiminished speed. Coil exchange times are minimised. The high surface requirements of the material are allowed for.

Special Features:

  • In-house coil and reel transport on factory palettes with fixed and ridable palette transport systems, without forklifts or cranes
  • Automatic coil feeding with coil middle and coil high centring on the unwinding spool
  • Automatic reel change on the storage area reels
  • Automatic coil reduction on the recoiler

Technical Specifications:

Material FeNi and soft steel
Strip thickness 0.12 - 1.5 mm
Strip width 500 - 1000 mm
Coil inside-Ø 508 mm
Coil outside-Ø 2000 mm
Plant speed 0 - 30 m/min