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Tilgert Walzwerksmaschinenbau GmbH
Breslauer Str. 29
D-58642 Iserlohn

Section Rolling Mill

Rolling Mill

The 7" Duo section rolling mill is for the reduction or profiling of cold strip through cold rolling without liquid cooling (dry).

It is designed as a one-way frame in compact construction, that is, all components from the unwinding spool to the recoiler are mounted and tubed on a common frame.

The pre-assembly and pre-startup procedures, including a test run with strip, takes place in our factory.

Special Features:

  • Unwinding may be selected to occur from above or below
  • Rolling intake table with strip height feeding, strip side feeding and strip pressing
  • Off-centre strip processing also possible
  • Edge profiling with two high-edge apparatus
  • Mill screwdown with AC-servo motors and roll force measurement
  • Profiled work rolling with axial lateral adjustment
  • Dotted-line adjustment for the grinding equalisation of the work rollers
  • Combined strip thickness and strip width measurement tool for profile measurement

Technical Specifications:

Material Steel strip, cold-rolled
Material strength max. 800 N/mm²
Strip thickness Broaching strength max. 6.0 mm
End thickness min. 0.2 mm
Strip width 10 - 150 mm
Strip cross-section 10 - 600 N/mm²
Coil inside-Ø 400 mm
Coil outside-Ø 1500 mm
Coil weight max. 2 t
Plant speed 80/160 m/min
Rolling movement -
unwinding spool
0.90 - 36 KN
Rolling force max. 1000 KN
Plant speed 80/160 m/min
Rollers-Ø 185 mm
Bale width 210 mm