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Plant Components for a Sexto – Roll Stand

Plant Components for a Sexto - Roll Stand

The Sexto roll stand is a component of a production line for the fabrication of screen mask foil for colour picture tubes.

As proof of our capabilities, we designed rolling tables, coilers and work loaders beyond the standard instalment.

Technology, diligence and advanced solutions lead to this unique frame concept.

Special Features:

  • Coil feeding and removal by standard steel palettes
  • Coil intake with double-drum reversing coiler
  • Retractable attachments for coil drilling Ø 610 mm
  • Direct drive of the winding axles with two-motor operation for enlarging the strip tension area
  • Roller spool feeding and intake with the belt looper
  • Reel drums for clamping slot or belt winding operation with roller or annealing spooling
  • Retractable strip preparation with length-cutting blade and straightening unit
  • S-Rolling operation may be selected for input or output for the reduction in movement before the first and after the last stitch
  • Rolling tables with flatness measurement rollers, strip movement measurement, strip thickness scanner, thickness measurement tool with cross-profile measurement and speed measurement with a Mesa meter

Technical Specifications:

Material FePO3 hot-rolled = AK Screen mask
FeNi36 = Screen mask
C75/C95 annealed = Screen mask
Strip thickness Screen mask
max. 4.0 mm, min. 0.050 mm
Cold strip
max. 4.0 mm, min. 0.1 mm
Strip width 400 mm / 1000 mm
Coil inside-Ø 508 mm / 610 mm
Coil outside-Ø max. 1900 mm
Coil weight max. 18 t
Reel tension max. 150 KN
Rolling speed max. 1100 m/min