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Tilgert Walzwerksmaschinenbau GmbH
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Length Cutting Plant with Stacker

Length Cutting Plant

Customer and product oriented, we designed this length cutting plant as part of a constantly working curing line.

High flexibility and short changeover times are achieved in this combined plant for coiling and metal sheet operation, with processing of up to three strips simultaneously.

Accurately measured, burr-free blanks with precise stacking of high-strength hardened steel are manufactured with our plants.

Special Features:

  • Coiling or metal sheet operation may be selected
  • One, two or three metal sheets may be cut to length simultaneously with a sliding cutter, and stacked with a vacuum stacker
  • Blade exchange during operation
  • Program controlled production modifications to the metal sheet dimensions, the number of metal sheets or the simultaneously producible packets through the monitor and keyboard
  • Automatic palette feeding with stacking straps
  • Separation of the stacked packets and packet turns

Technical Specifications:

Material Hardened steel strip
Material strength max. 1900 N/mm² 54 HRc
Strip thickness 0.3 - 4.0 mm
Strip width 1 Strip 130 - 710 mm
2 Strips 130 - 340 mm
3 Strips 130 - 210 mm
Metal sheet length 600 - 4200 mm
Stack height max. 350 mm
Packet weight max. 3 t