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Tilgert Walzwerksmaschinenbau GmbH
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D-58642 Iserlohn

Foil Cutter

Foil Cutter

The cutter for the cutting of aluminium foil is designed for the high demands of foil manufacturers.

The cutter is completely set up in our factory, put into operation and tested in a test operation.

Special Features:

  • Double cone unwinding spool with adaptor for various sleeve sizes
  • Strip edge regulation with contrast regulation
  • Strip greasing equipment with chambered doctor blade system
  • Three cutter cassettes with quick exchange through the exchange trolley
  • Foil cutting with coil cutting system and cushioned live-loaded cutters
  • Rewinding on cardboard, steel or aluminium sleeves with one or two winding waves
  • Winding with contact rollers and direct web tension controller
  • The dialogue between human and machine takes place via a keyboard and monitor
  • Visualisation with operator guidance and error message display in clear text on the monitor

Technical Specifications:

Material AL and AL-alloy
Material thickness 0.025 - 0.25 mm
Strip width max. 1250 mm
Coil inside-Ø 150 / 296 mm wound on spools
Coil outside-Ø max. 1250 mm finished material
Coil inside-Ø 70 / 76 / 150 mm wound on spools
Coil outside-Ø max. 750 mm
Strip width 20 - 1200 mm
Plant speed 500 m/min